This page is for free downloads of completed writings:

  • Experiencing Christ in Paul (made available below on October 1, 2022)

  • Jesus' words on love, light and life (made available below on September 11th, 2022)

  • Identity in Christ: Characteristics of Christ in you (made available below on May 8th, 2022; expanded to two volumes in January 2023)

  • Experiencing Jesus through Peter (made available below on February 27th, 2022; updated in April 2022)

  • God's Love Plan in Jesus and the Church: 40 Days in the Old Testament (made available below on February 14, 2022; updated in November 2022)

Experiencing Christ in Paul.pdf
Jesus' words on love, light, and life.pdf
Identity in Christ_ Characteristics of Christ in you Vol 1.pdf
Identity in Christ_ Characteristics of Christ in you Vol 2.pdf
Experiencing Jesus through Peter.pdf
God’s Love Plan Old Testament.pdf

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Note: These writings may be updated. The revision date is given in the Table of Contents.